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They Came They Saw They Bought! – Website Conversion

Many people consider that having a great website, or even great SEO rankings, is the most important thing on the Internet. However, serious business owners know that the Internet is really just a tool to help generate more leads and ultimately more sales.

Although having a great website is important, and you need good quality traffic to help you along the way, if you don’t make sales or generate leads then it’s all a waste.

What do you do when you have many visitors coming to your website but you make no sales and generate no leads?

The answer to this question is what website conversion is all about.

Website Conversion

Making a website work hard to convert visitors to leads and sales requires constant analysis and testing. There is no silver bullet. There are, however, many factors that we have learned that help us to create online success for our clients. We even have a client with a bounce rate of less than 1%. That’s rare – some will say impossible – but it is an example of website conversion techniques at their best. And yes, they do generate hundreds of leads every month.

Prior knowledge is the best asset in helping to improve online conversion. Knowledge of the market that sells to the same or similar client. This is the single most important aspect of website conversion and nothing can replace this knowledge.

We have worked with hundreds of companies in almost every industry you can imagine. We have built websites to generate leads for companies that sell services from Asbestos removal to Yacht charters, and hundreds in between.

Our clients’ customers range from bargain hunters through to those with an almost unlimited amount of money to spend.

So knowing the market and the customer profile really helps. And having experience of generating leads to those same customers increases our ability to get it right early. But there are also many other factors that help us to determine what is needed to help build a successful website.

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A Predictable Consistent Marketing Channel

Making the assumption that your website will work as soon as it goes live is sometimes unrealistic. That is not to say it won’t generate leads. It will – or it certainly should. But making a website work and generating the odd lead here or there are two different things.

The process of getting your website right – to the point where you have an expectation of how many leads you will generate on a monthly basis, takes time. It is a process that you go through – but the rewards are significant.

Knowing what your cost per lead is, the average number of leads per sale and the overall profitability of your online investment – your online ROI – is the ultimate goal.

Achieving this result will have a major impact on your business and will make your entire online marketing effort a success.