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The Magic of Getting More From Everything You've Got

If you own a website for your business, then website optimization is the most important thing that you will come across in the next decade. You need to become obsessed about it!

Conversion optimization or conversion rate optimization is directly geared toward increasing your lead generation without an increase in traffic.

The entire process of conversion optimization is concerned with the analysis of your website, measurement of traffic, scrutinisation of statistics such as bounce rate and sign-ups and an understanding of the activity required to increase your number of leads.

This activity will involve modifications to your landing pages, modifications to your text, possibly even your images. You will almost certainly want to consider how well you use your contact form. Finally, you’ll also want to consider the language and tone you use on your website.

This entire CRO industry has grown significantly up over a number of years, to the point where we can now predict and identify the elements that are damaging your landing pages. Conversion analysis also provides us with a clear indication of where improvement is necessary to increase conversion of leads.

The Sad Reality Facing most Websites

Unfortunately the sad reality is that as much as 95 percent of all of the visitors who arrive on your website taken no action at all! For many websites this percentage is as high as 99 percent. Sadly, for some, it is a full 100 percent. So the process of conversion optimisation or conversion rate optimization is about improving your website for your users, giving them what they want, making it easy for them to use and giving them a reason to contact you. For a full analysis of the factors that are most likely damaging your ability, fill out this form and we will contact you.

The entire goal of conversion optimization is to improve the number of leads through a process of experimentation, measurement, testing, adjustment and trialling new strategies – all without spending more money on new traffic.

The beauty of conversion optimization is that we can generate more from what you already have!

The main investment of CRO is in the services of an expert to configure the testing and interpret the results. The ultimate benefit though, is that once these tests and conclusions have been made, and the website has been improved, this improvement will live with the web site for as long as the external conditions remain the same. Provided people continue to use your website as they do currently, the benefit will continue in the long term with an increase in the number of leads.

To assess whether your web sites can be improved significantly through conversion rate optimization call us on 0845 130 6414 or fill out the contact form here.

Over the years we have used a number of tools to help our customers to improve their conversion rates. The process is by no means easy but there are always things that can be done quickly and cheaply to improve the overall quality of a website, and the ability of that website to convert leads from almost any traffic.

The added benefit of conversion optimizationis that once you start the princess you will probably never stop. Conversion rate optimization is so encompassing that there is little reason to ever stop.

Transformations in Just 18 months

Over a 12 to 18 month period we have completely re-engineered a number of websites, with every change being the result of what we have learned from conservation rate optimisation. We have moved away from the guess work of what may be a good idea, or what may be required, or what we think, or what the customer thinks might be a good thing to do on their website. We’ve moved into the realms of science. Although there is always going to be a gut feel, or instinct that is applied to website design, and things do have to be kept in perspective based on your the marketplace, the overall improvements to a website are no longer left to chance. Websites optimization and conversion rate analysis should be an integral part of everything you do on the Internet.

Some Tools That We Use

There are many tools that we use to improve the conversion rate of web sites. Some of these tools are relatively simple for example Crazy Egg – powerful but simple. This particular tool enables us to highlight areas of a web page that users never visit. In addition we can identify areas of a page where users click but don’t get the result they were expecting.

There are other more sophisticated tools that we use that enable us to track mouse moves, or the amount of time a person hovers over a button, and so on. Tools like these, however, are simply scratching the surface!

Conversion rate optimization is not new. Large companies have been using these strategies for over a decade. It has only been a few years ago though, since smaller companies have been able to use similar tools and techniques to improve conversion.

Put your website on a whole new program of improvement and boost your overall number of leads. Fill out the form here, or call for a chat.

Customer Testimonials

Alan May, Conservatories and Steel Bases

When we started this company there was nothing – just an idea. We’ve been through many version of websites and a lot of different types of Internet marketing. Over the years we’ve build a multi million pound business and over 95% of all the leads we generate are thanks to Quintema Ltd and their Internet Marketing skills.

If there are 5 words or phrases to best describe Quintema it would be : Creative ; Knowledgeable ; Trustworthy ; Hardworking and Results Driven.

Alan May : Conservatories and Steel Bases

Lincoln Brown, ABL Marketing

ABL Marketing is a consultancy that provides pro-active marketing advice and a comprehensive range of services to its clients. We devise sound, cost effective marketing plans and strategies that are relevant and designed to assist companies grow.

Internet marketing is an essential component of our strategic plans and we have employed the services of Quintema Limited for several years, for a number of Google Adword and Internet Marketing campaigns. We rate Quintema highly for the results achieved i.e. significant increases in website visitors/traffic and the generation of online leads. We are delighted with the increase in business gained by our clients and the cost effectiveness of the Google Adword and Internet Marketing campaigns.

We unreservedly recommend Quintema Limited.


Albert was recommended to me as someone that could work on the Internet Marketing of my business and specifically my google Adwords account. I was spending over 10K on Google and it was getting to the point where I was losing money. As Adwords was the main source of my leads I really didn’t know what to do.

Within 3 months my Adwords budget was halved and I was getting the same if not a little more leads. From there we worked on some other areas of my online marketing and now I’m not just getting leads from Adwords, but from other sources too. I’m happy to recommend Albert but not to my competitors!!

Angelo Ruchetta, Ruchetta

I have two restaurants, one in Wokingham and the other in Peppard. I have had a deli – Angelo’s Deli and for each I’ve needed lots of things doing online for my marketing and to build my brand and my websites.

Albert started off by building my websites and them making all the changes and marketing required over the years. We meet on a regular basis and now I can honestly say that albert is a friend. I believe that if you have a business that you need to work on then you need someone like Albert to help you – someone you can completely trust to be honest and work hard for you.