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Ultimate Partner Program – Designed For Your Success

Finally, a realistic opportunity to take your business to where you’ve always wanted it to be.

Turn your business into a profitable company that can support you well into your retirement with little or no input from you on a day to day basis.

If you’ve been running your own business for years or decades, slogging away, trying desperately to generate huge profits or prepare your business for sale, with no joy, no luck, no big opportunity, then, maybe you’ve found something to save your skin, at last.



I’m sure you didn’t start you business with the plan that the years and decades would just drift on by. With you stuck in the deep end, worried that your business doesn’t work well without you. Too proud to tell your wife or partner that you don’t think you can really solve this problem. Secretly you begin to doubt yourself, whether you really can make the money of which you’d always dreamed. Doubt whether the next decade will bring you the joy that you’d hoped.

You’d never be able to admit to the fact that maybe it isn’t going to work, you can’t fix it, can’t make the money you’ve always expected. And there may be no retirement pot to look forward to after all.



You friends and your family don’t choose you because of your money, or your success. But you know that it will make them look at you differently, you just know it. It matters to them and it matters to you!

It’s a sad truth that the farmer who ploughs a barren land doesn’t produce a flourishing harvest. And slaving away at the same old techniques and strategies, day after day, won’t bring you to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll need to start doing things that you’ve not done before. Focus your efforts to see the fruit of your labour. You’ll need to work with someone who can take you to your chosen destination, help you achieve your ultimate goal. The land has changed and you’ll need a new map, new thinking and new actions for that final push.


The solution to your problem feels simple but yet it has been almost impossible to achieve. You feel close but you never seem to get there. Generate more business!

If you had more business maybe you’d be achieve your life goals. More leads for the sales team to sell to. Better organization and a well structured business. An efficient way to keep the business running well when you’re not there. The right people to manage the day to day business activities. The result – increased profits, people who know what to do, and finally you have something you can sell. You’ve created a business that can provide for you in your retirement.


You can hold your head high knowing that your friends and family will have the utmost respect for you. You have a real chance to sell the business for your retirement.

I’ve been working with business owners, building websites, writing website copy, running Adwords campaign and updating social media posts. I realized that most business owners need something extra.

They need the reliability and trust that comes from working with someone who understands their goal. Someone that knows what they really want to achieve. Not a fancy website, but a way of life, an amount of money, an amount of respect, pride.

They want someone to work with them to help them achieve their goals, someone reliable, dependable, skilled, with a team to do whatever is required and the knowledge that can make the difference.

To get you there you’ll need the following:

1. Someone to work with you, every month, pulling all your resources together to save you money and ensure that what you are spending to generate new business will work. A business meeting every month, either face to face or using technology. But with no interruptions, hours spent going through the detail to ensure that we get things right.

2. We will produce a clear analysis and profile of your target customer. We need to be able to track their activity online and know who they are off line. This will enable us to really target the people that are going to make a real difference to your revenue stream and most importantly, people you want to work with.

3. The Internet world changes on a constant basis, so we’ll need to use our team of web and Internet experts to ensure that you are up to date and well positioned so that your prospects can find you when they search. For example, we’ll make sure that you:

a. Have a website that people can access from everywhere and anywhere, mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers

b. That it is well laid out and easy to use

c. We’ll ensure that whenever people are looking for your business they can find you, on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Bing and on and on

d. We’ll ensure that your brand sticks so that when prospects visit you from Facebook, or Bing, or Google or any other source, you continue to display your business to them so that they can never forget your business. This is what large companies achieve through using TV and Radio, we can achieve this for a fraction of the cost

4. You’ll need to stay in contact with both your customers and your prospects. We’ll provide the perfect tools to enable you to build your referral sales as well as your slow burn business by staying in contact, building your reputation and winning business

5. And when you want to talk, have an idea, question or concern, then we are there to answer your calls


Your success is our success. If you think this is for you and your business, then fill out the form below and get in touch. This is a very personal service and not every business or business owner will be suited to it.

For us to be able to work together there has to be a fit, you need to fit with us and we need to fit with you. If we don’t fit then we can’t work together.

Fill out the form and we will schedule a consultation where we can decide the right way to proceed.

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