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Web Stats & Analytics

How do you know who how many people have been looking at your website, what pages they have looked at? Where they went next and whether they done what you wanted them to do?

This is the role of analytics. Not web stats that give you an overall count of how many hits you’ve had in a defined period of time. Analytics gives you the whole information and covers at least the following:

  1. How many visitors you had
  2. What geographic region they came from
  3. What type of browser where they using
  4. What pages they looked at
  5. What search engines or sources they come from
  6. What key phrases they entered into the search engines
  7. What the most popular paths that people took through your site
  8. Where they left your site
  9. How any people only looked at one page then left (bounce rate)

The information a good analytics tool provides is almost limitless, but most importantly it is priceless. But what tool should you use to get such information?

We use Google Analytics. We use to use Urchin which was not cheap but gave us all this information. Then around March 2005 Google acquired Urchin. Now we get it for free! We trust the tool, we like the interface and we find it invaluable.

Every website that is used for business must have Google Analytics or something as thorough installed. But just like statistics they are only as good as the person interpreting the results.

Installing Google Analytics on your web site is a relatively simple task. Whether you are able to analyse the information yourself or not, we recommend that you sign up for a Google Analytics account and install analytics on your web site today.

When you are ready to engage with a Google Certified Analytics consultant we will have all the information available to advise you on how your site is performing and what you can consider to make improvements.