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Keyword Tracking

The same can be said for the keywords that your visitors use to arrive at your web site. This represents your secret treasure check – but you need the key and the knowledge to be able to unlock it. To unlock the potential locked in your vault you need to know what keywords are converting into the actions you desire and which are not. Especially if you are spending money on PPC or have any plans at all to optimise your website better search engine rankings.

You will need to set up conversion measuring tools and goals to track key words and key phrases to positive actions. Positive actions are things like, sign up to your marketing emails, filling out a quote form, downloading a brochure of PDF document or making a sale.

Conversion and goal tracking are both achievable with Google tools and they will help you to track and measure the effectiveness of specific keywords that your prospects are typing in to arrive at your web site. Using carefully configured conversion tracking methods is the only way possible to even start to dominate your sector – and may also be the only way to ensure that you are running a profitable campaign online.

Here is an example:

Imagine that you sell green fluffy bunnies. You spend an equal amount of money on the following five terms:

  1. Green Fluffy Bunnies
  2. Green Children Toys
  3. Fluffy Children Toys
  4. Fluffy Green Toys
  5. Green Fluffy Toys

Now, let’s just say that after detailed tracking and analysis you discover that you sell, or generate leads in the following proportions:

  1. 8% Green Fluffy Bunnies
  2. 11% Green Children Toys
  3. 5% Fluffy Children Toys
  4. 69% Fluffy Green Toys
  5. 7% Green Fluffy Toys

Imagine what would happen to your online campaign if you directed all your available budget to Fluffy Green Toys.

Here is what would happen – say you spend £1000 per month and generate 100 leads or sales. This is not unusual. A lead or sale cost you £10 each. If your gross margin before advertising or marketing costs is £5 on each sale you are losing £5 per sale and every month you are losing £500. Now the chances are you’ll continue to lose because business owners just don’t seem go understand loss on the internet and hey, you really love those Fluffy Green Toys and all your child’s friends know that you sell them online. So quitting is just not an option.

So how do we make this profitable?

If you were to divert all your budget to ‘Fluffy Green Toys’ you would sell an extra 4 x 69 items. So instead of selling 100 items for £1000 we would sell 345 items. So it cost £2.89 to make a sale and now we’ve turned a loss making business into a massively profitable business where we make £2.11 profit on every sale.

The only way you can do this is through the right type of tracking and measuring and analysis.