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Effective (legal & ethical) Implementation of Search Engine Optimisation

Everyone wants to be on the first page of google – but… there are only ten websites that can be there organically, and the rest of the listings are sponsored (paid – Adwords) where Google make their money.

Before we delve into SEO – let’s take a minute to review how Google works. When we talk about SEO we are mainly referring to SEO on Google.

Google make over 80% of all their revenue from Google Adwords, PPC. So why are they and everyone else bothered about Organic listings?

Google will continue to make the majority of their money from Google Adwords for a very long time to come. But they only make their money by being a great search engine. For a search engine to be great they have to give people what they are looking for. Results that match what we are looking for and that make sense. The better they are at providing an immediate match the more we will use them to find what we are looking for. The more users they get the more people click on the sponsored listings, Adwords, and the more money Google make.

It is really important to understand that point – as it helps us to understand what is required from our SEO strategy.

No Trick to Good SEO

Doing SEO Effectively

We know that to get onto page one we have to be the best match for what people are looking for in our industry. So the big question is ‘how does Google determine how good a match you are’?

That is not as complicated as you may originally think. The goal of your business is to be active and dynamic, provide information that is current and topical. If you can achieve that, then you will satisfy Google’s requirements. Trying to take short cuts and use the latest ‘secret technique’, or ‘new strategy’, will bring failure and despair – and get you penalised by Google. The reason why Google punish websites that break their rules is simple, you are reducing the quality of their product and damaging their business.

Therefore, we define SEO as: ‘Interesting things that you do that others are motivated to share.’

Note how we managed to avoid any talk about Articles, blogging, press releases, link building and social media. However, these are some of the tools you will use to deliver your message – now you have some idea about what your message should contain.

If you are looking for an effective, genuinely legal and bullet proof SEO strategy then call now on 0845 130 6414 or fill out the SEO contact form and we will respond to your enquiry.

How to Start Your SEO Program

Before you start, do some homework! It is important to know what works, before you embark on a long program to propel yourself onto the first page – for a keyword that may make no difference to your business. Start by running a test.

Great keyword research actually starts with PPC Google Advertising. That is always our recommendation. The goal of PPC is to find out what keyword phrases generate leads for your business. Once you have uncovered those, you are well on your way to an effective SEO strategy.

A Comprehensive Online Business Strategy

The more you try to separate SEO, PPC, Website Development and remarketing from your traditional offline marketing, the harder you will find it to succeed in business.

Your website and online marketing should be an integrated component of your business. That is why we created our full service offering, for those businesses that want to succeed online and need an online partner that will work as part of their existing team.

Read more about our full service offering. For more information please call us on 0845 130 6414 – for a winning combination to your online investment.

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