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Pay Per Lead – Lead Generation Service

When it comes to running your business, keeping a tight check on your cash flow is vital to your success. To make any business successful you need sales and the way to get to the sale is from the lead. From the enquiry.

Generating enquiries for any business is the goal but it can be difficult and takes time.

We appreciate that and for those businesses that are already generating leads, but need to ramp up to the next tier, we offer a pay per lead service.

How Our Pay Per Lead Service Works

Scenario 1 – Need More Leads

If you have a business and you already have a website, and you know that it generates leads, then we guarantee that we can improve the amount of leads that you generate. In this scenario we can work on a cost per lead basis.

This will typically be for Google Adwords leads or SEO leads where the user fills out a contact submission form every time they are interested in your service. You may already spend your Google budget but need more leads. Our knowledge of Google Adwords PPC and SEO has enabled us to cut many Google Adwords budgets by 50% without impacting the overall number of leads. We offer either a 100% money back guarantee if we charge for the service, or we receive a cost per lead for all additional leads generated.

Scenario 2 – No Leads At Present

On the other hand you may have no online infrastructure whatsoever, or nothing that works, and you want to buy leads. In this case, we can build you the necessary required to get you going. This will include a website and the online marketing campaigns required to generate leads.

Once your are generating leads you can simply Pay Per Lead and we continue our work on your account.

Scenario 3 – Need an Online Partner

You may have a great idea that you have already invested some money in. You know it works because you have seen the results through sales. You don’t have the budget to pay an online business to do all the work required over the next few months but you want a partner that you can only pay on a per lead or per sale basis.

If your idea is good and we like it then we will be prepared to make you an offer to help make your idea a success.

If you are interested in any of our Pay Per Lead services then please fill out a contact form and we will respond to your enquiry.