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Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Advertising – Making It Work for You

Pay Per Click advertising is the most targeted form of advertising there is. The ability to direct your message to a specific, highly targeted marketplace is the main objective of all the big players on the Internet.

Facebook advertising for example enables you to target your users based on lifestyle factors as well as age, gender, interest and location. You can be very specific about who sees your ad based on the profile you select.

Google Plus has enabled Google to utilise additional demographic information to enhance your Google campaigns.  All these advertising platforms are evolving and will continue to improve over the yeras – but today Google Adwords is by far the best.

Why Pay Per Click Is The Best

What makes Pay Per Click advertising even more effective than all other online advertising methods is because your prospect is already looking for your product or service. So unlike Facebook and other very effective advertising platforms, the advantage to using Pay Per Click is that your prospects are searching, with credit card in hand or phone at the ready, looking for what you sell.

Whether you sell Yachts, Houses, Cars, Mortgages, Remote Islands, Investment Vehicles, Yoga training, anything you can imagine – you can make Pay Per Click advertising work for you and your business.

We have successfully generated leads for every business we have worked for since 2005. Regardless of how complex, strange or unique that business has been, we have managed to generate leads using Google Adwords.

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Already Have a Google Adwords Campaign?

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Some Common Misconceptions About Google Adwords

There are many misconceptions about Google Adwords, and here are just a few:

  1. It’s easy to set up so you may as well do it yourself
  2. Your competitors will just spend all day clicking on your ads and you will run out of money
  3. It's simply a bidding system and the highest bidder takes all
  4. You pay every time your ad is shown on Google
  5. Most people don’t click on the PPC ads because they don’t work
  6. Google will spend all your money
  7. There is no way to really measure how successful it is
  8. It’s for gamblers and there are better ways of spending your money
  9. Having a Google Adwords campaign helps you with your Organic Google Rankings

The above misconceptions are either completely wrong or partly wrong but almost everyone you know will believe at least one them to be true.

So what’s the truth about PPC?

The truth is that PPC is the second most targeted form of marketing available online today. And no – we’re not paid by Google in any way!

The most targeted form of marketing, is marketing to your existing list. As most people don’t maintain a healthy list, that makes Google Adwords number one.

With Google Adwords you can control everything. You have complete control over every single aspect of your campaign and also your budget. You can track everything and be confident that your investment is wisely spent. It is a marketing channel, that means once you uncover the formula for making it work then it will continue to work for a long time.

Adwords Example – Light Hearted

Real life example: Suppose you sell a very rare type of moon sand, not the kind that you get on the light side of the moon but the rare stuff that even the astronauts find hard to get hold of. The fine grained moon sand that you have to dig 6 feet deep to get hold of and if you’re not careful will dissolve by the time you get back to Earth. Well guess what? You can buy the exact phrase ‘hard to get moon sand’ on Google Adwords, and sell oodles of your hard to get stuff direct to the people who are searching for it.

There may not be millions of people searching for the fine moon sand on a monthly basis, but anyone who searches for it and finds you has got to be a pretty hot prospect, right? Especially if you’re one of only ten other companies who stock it. Yes, there are others. Search yourself and you’ll find them!

Is that targeted traffic? You bet it is! And the good thing is that you’ve moved a lot closer to your next customer. Now you’re planning your trip back to the moon to get some of the extra fine variety – but at least you have tested the market and now know there is a demand and you know exactly how to sell it in your market.

What to do if Google Adwords doesn’t work

For some businesses you may find that there is either no direct demand for what you sell or the visitors that come to your website don’t actually convert into leads. So what does that information tell us? Well,

  • Maybe the keywords you have selected are not right for your business
  • Perhaps your web site does not do a good enough job of converting the visitors into leads
  • Perhaps the people searching for your product are researchers, not buyers
  • Maybe Your visitors don’t know a good product when they see one
  • There may be a remote possible that the internet doesn’t work for your product

Whatever the reason, when you find it out you are that much closer to knowing how successful your product or service can be.

Running a PPC campaign can provide you with the insight required to develop your business. You will learn what your marketplace thinks about your product, service and offering. And the most important thing is that through testing your are closer to the truth. And the truth will save you money.

An effective, professionally managed PPC campaign is probably the most wisely spent financial investment that you will ever make online for your business – and it should be the starting point of a prosperous journey.

To find out more about Google Adwords, Pay Per Click and the most common PPC mistakes that people make when setting one up, call us on 0845 130 6414 or fill out our contact form and we will respond to your enquiry.