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10 Tips For Winning More Business

Low cost strategies designed to be implemented by absolutely anyone to win more business starting today!

For most businesses, winning new business is never an easy task.  Here are some top tips on where to get started, watch the video below:

5 Top tips For Finding New Business


If you’ve already implemented those top 5 quick and easy tips to win new business then try these:


  1. Ask Your Family.  Most people never get around to tapping in to their family and close friends.  The difference between those that really rise and those that don’t is that ability to tap into your family and friends. We all know the network marketers trying to sell us Amway products, or time share holidays.  But it doesn’t always have to be a bad experience.  If you talk to your family and friends, and they know what you do, then most of them would be happy to help.
  2. Think of who else serves your customers.  You will find that there are already established businesses out there that have the same type of customer that you are looking for.  Business relationships with them and see how you can help them too.  Once you’ve built a handful of these relationships you’ll find new business slowly coming through.  And the trickle will remain constant, provided you’ve got the product right.
  3. Run a remarketing campaign.  Okay, we’re starting to spend some money now.  But remarketing makes it onto this list because everyone should be running one.  If you have a tiny budget, then this is for you.  It is a great way to stay in front of those people that have already visited your website.  Good for brand building but most importantly it helps to increase your conversion.
  4. Join Linked In.  Build your profile and reputation and connect with people who know the people you know.  It builds your online reputation and will help to connect you to people who may be or know your future customers.
  5. Okay – big budget tie – direct response from people in the market, every day who want the products or services that you offer.  Google Adwords. Read more here

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