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How To Get More Traffic

Without good quality traffic your web site is limited in terms of what it can achieve for your business. If your desire is to grow your business then quality traffic is a vital ingredient. If however you are only interested in a ‘brochure site’, something that portrays your business then you are potentially missing out on a vast amount of what the Internet has to offer. Here at Quintema Ltd our mission is to help you use the Internet to the full potential to help you grow your business.

You may well be asking how do you get more traffic and how do you ensure that the traffic you get is quality? It’s not as though you can go to the newsagents and buy a quality publication. The internet is not quite like that. However, the Internet does provide the most targeted form of traffic that you can find anywhere in the marketing world. The source of this traffic is primarily (but certainly not exclusively) the search engines. When we use the phrase search engine we are not only talking about Google, Yahoo and Bing. We are also talking about Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Digg and a host of other extremely high traffic sites that have a search facility where your potential customer may be searching right this moment.

People who use print advertising and some of the more traditional forms of offline marketing tend to send your message out to the masses. Good offline marketers are worth their weight in gold as they have a clear understanding of their demographics, geographic and psychographic (what makes people tick) makeup of your target market and they also know precisely how to reach and communicate with them.

The average online marketer is lazy by nature. And the reason why they are lazy is because they can run a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign and let the right prospects come directly to them. Once they have managed to work out the combination of keywords and website message that generate sales, they literally have a license to make money! This is one of the reasons why Google is one of the richest companies on the planet.

So driving more traffic to your website is all about finding out what key words or key phrases drive the type of person that is going to make an enquiry or purchase your offering. Once you have worked out what works you can then do the following:

  1. Spend as much as you can on PPC
  2. Spend as much as you can optimising your web site for the organic rankings. More about Pay Per Click – PPC and Search Engine Optimisation SEO later on.

Here at Quintema Ltd we have refined our approach to traffic over the years. We have worked with mass traffic strategies and also niche traffic strategies and we are confident that regardless of your industry we can work with you to ensure that you get more of the right balance of traffic that is going to make a difference to your business.

There is no silver bullet, but there are well thought out structured techniques that enable us to locate those optimal sources of traffic that can literally drive an obscene amount of highly qualified prospects rushing directly to your website eager to bite off at any bait that you put out.

Quite a claim really!