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Warning – Our SEO Managed Service Program may not be for you!

When it comes to the Internet most businesses have a fragmented approach to generating leads and making sales.

There is usually one company that works on their website development while another manager their Google adwords. In fact on many occasions the owner or someone else within the business manage the Google Adwords campaign.

Then there may be a third party – probably located far far away – who work on their SEO campaign (if you even have one) and absolutely no one is managing the whole process.

Lastly there will be someone who takes care of all the offline marketing most likely on an ad-hoc basis – with no regard to what is happening online.

Most business owners leave the situation as it is. Although they would like more leads from their marketing they really can’t see exactly where the process is broken, nor how to improve it.

And the mere fact that you are getting some business from this approach must mean that it is working. Surely?

When finances start to get stretched you realise that your marketing is failing. You realise that your ROI and cost per lead, or cost per customer is not as low as you would like it to be. Basically you’d like to get more leads and reduce your overall costs.

If this sounds anything like the business you have then you’re in for a treat.

The best way to promote your business on the Internet is from a single unified approach. Ideally you want your own Internet department that can manage the whole process and make your online marketing work. But you can’t afford it. Few businesses can.

How We Can Help

We have one goal – to work with businesses to help you make the most you can from the Internet. We provide a complete service for your website development, website maintenance, Google Adwords configuration & management and Search Engine Optimisation.

We also advise and work with you on all of your marketing channels to ensure that we are aligned with what is happening within your business.

We have a team of website designers, developers and Internet marketers who are available to constantly adjust things on your website to make it work better. We use sophisticated tracking methods – not just analytics – but tracking that tell us exactly what the visitor is reading, when they scroll, what links they click on and exactly where they come from – so we can make it all work better.

Tuning your website to make it work better is akin to getting a few extra seconds on the lap time from a formula one car. The difference to you can mean millions. Building a website – or setting up a marketing campaign is an ongoing process – not a single activity. We stay on top of the process to ensure that your site works the best it possibly can for your business.

Then there is Google Adwords. We’ve saved clients thousands of pounds every month by managing their Google Adwords and ensuring that it is configured the best it can be.

Getting your website and Google Adwords working will mean that everything else is plain sailing.

When it comes to the SEO – that’s the easy part. You now know what to target your SEO services on. You know what the exact keywords are that will make you money.

Sounds like a lot, but don’t worry – that’s all part of the package. We gradually work our way through the process of submitting Press Releases, blogging, building external Web 2.0 sites, submitting social media updates, creating and submitting articles and all the things that tell Google you are a serious player.

But the real bonus, the real benefit from running an SEO Managed service like this is that we have the time to make sure that your business is a real success. Our success will only be based on your success – and we have successful clients that you can talk to as proof.

If this all sounds like something you want, need, desire or strive for then click here and send an email. Or call now on 0845 130 6414. We’ll talk to you and answer your questions, and when you’re ready to get going we’ll take you through the whole process.

Albert Toussaint

Director Quintema Ltd