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Adding a Blog to your Website – Blogging and SEO

A Blog is a web log of what is happening within your business that may be of interest to a client or prospect. A blog will help to keep your website content changing and dynamic and indicates that something new is happening regularly within your business.

When used effectively a blog will help with Search Engine optimisation – SEO and your social media campaigns.

You can add a blog to your website or you can maintain and external blog. We always prefer to add a blog onto your website as it provides a place where new content can easily be added to keep your site dynamic.

A Blog is an important part of the SEO mix. The benefits that a Blog provides are as follows:

  1. Adds new content to your site on a regular basis
  2. Increases the number of pages on your website
  3. Enables your content (blog entries) to get distributed throughout the internet to help with inbound links
  4. Helps create internal links that direct users to your most important pages
  5. Tells people about your business, what’s happening, what’s new and what you want them to know as well as stimulates social media activity

So a blog is an essential part of your website but there are still a few technical questions that you may have.

We have set-up and maintain hundreds of blogs for our clients. Every website that we build automatically has a blog attached to it – such is the importance of blogging for SEO purposes.

Some technical questions about blogs

  • What software should you use for your blog?
  • Where should you set it up, on your site, off your site, as a sub domain?
  • What plug-ins do you need?
  • What about design, should you pay particular attention to design?
  • How should it be configured for best use?
  • Can you link it to your social media channels?

There are many other questions that you need to answer when implementing a Blog as part of your SEO strategy. We can go through this process with you and implement a blog for you – to get you up and running. Call 0845 130 6414 to talk through your requirements or fill out the contact form and we will respond to your enquiry.