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Article Submission

Article submission is all about telling the world lots of things about your business right? Well no!

It may be that the world just isn’t interested in knowing about every little thing about your business or alternatively there just may not be that much to say.

So why would you need an Article marketing strategy and what does it really do for you?

Well a major part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about getting inbound links. Links that original somewhere else apart from your web site and point directly to your web site.

Inbound links!

One very effective way to get a lot of links is through Article marketing. But the goal is not to just write about your business but to write about what your audience may be interested in – not just about you but perhaps about the product of service that you may be offering and how they can benefit. Here is a selection of questions that you can ask to determine the themes that you can base your article creation on:

  1. What is the best way to use your products/service
  2. Where can get your product/service
  3. What are the common mistakes people make when selecting your product/service
  4. What are the common mistakes people make when using your product/service
  5. How do people know how to select a good provider for your product/service
  6. What is the price range of your product/service out there in the market
  7. What’s new in your industry

Always use Article marketing and event PR to tell people about new things that happen in your business – new product/services that have been created, price changes.

We could continue and when we are creating an article marketing strategy we often do. We try to create as many logical themes about a business as we possibly can and you can easily see that hundreds of article titles can be produced from the above list alone.

The goal is to create as many titles and articles as you possible can and start working with your article marketing strategy.

Having the content is key – and if all you done was distributed your content you would have some success with article marketing and generating inbound links. However, the real benefit is to get as much impact as you possibly can from each piece of original content that you produce. That is often the difference between article marketing and an effective article marketing strategy that is going to work as part of your SEO success.