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Article Marketing – Writing Articles to Inform and Educate

You may be mistaken in thinking that article marketing is about telling the world purely about your business.

In reality it may be that the world isn’t really that interested in knowing every little thing about your business. Additionally, there may be very little to say.

So why do you need article marketing and how do you do it?

A major part of article marketing is related to Search Engine Optimisation – SEO. It is about getting links that point back to your website. We call these inbound links. Links that originate somewhere else on the Internet and point directly back to a page on your website.

A very effective way to get a lot of links is through article marketing. But the goal is not to just write about your business, but to write about what your audience will find interesting. When it comes to article marketing this is something that many people get wrong.

The right and Wrong Ways – An Example

As an example, let us assume that you sell houses. You could write about the many different houses that you have sold in the last 12 months. You may find that some people are interested and connect with your story. As a result your article manages to create some inbound links for your website. You are happy – success.

Alternatively you may write about how house prices are on the increase and you have statistical evidence to back up your statement. More people may be interested and you become a bit of an authority on the subject, get some local PR, an interview with the local press and generate a lot of free publicity. Now the second approach packs significantly more power than the first.

So when planning your article marketing strategy you should consider what your market would like to know to help them make a better decision. When you achieve this your articles will boost your SEO and win you new customers.

Some Ideas for Articles

Here is a selection of topics and questions that will help make your next article more dynamic. Answer these questions :

  1. The best way to use your products
  2. The ten most common mistakes people make when choosing your service
  3. How to choose a good provider for your service
  4. What is the price range of your product in the market
  5. What’s new in your industry

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