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Uncover The Secrets of Google Adwords PPC That Can Change Your Business For Ever

Around 2010, I started working with a new client that was spending £14,000 on Google Adwords per month. They had been spending this amount for a few years prior to our meeting. He too had seen the good times, made lots of money, but now he was starting to lose money. In fact, over the years I have come across many people who are starting to lose money on their advertising. The cost of a lead is increasing and more leads are required to make the sale. So what does this all mean?

Has the bottom fallen out of the market as far as Google Adwords is concerned?

After two months of hard work and a completely reconfigured Adwords campaign, my £14,000 a month client is now spending just £5,000 a month without any loss in leads. A once poor performing campaign has turned back into the successful campaign it once was. So what has changed?

Google have made it easy for you to create, configure and manage your own Pay Per Click campaigns. And they have employed enough people to call you up every few months and talk you through required changes to your campaign. So perhaps their main task is to help YOU save money?

I have the privilege of talking to Google about optimising various Adwords campaign, on the behalf of my clients. I’ve realised, that without taking those calls from Google, my clients would probably be losing money. Business owners are busy running their company and simply don’t have the time to fully appreciate the detail of Adwords, and how to ensure that they get the most from what they can afford to spend. Google, don’t always appreciate the tight financial constraints that many businesses exist in, so someone has to be the go-between.

For those business owners that want to do things themselves, I’ve put together a simple five step guide to help them stay on the right side of Google Adwords.

Five Key Tips Guaranteed To Save You Money on Adwords

1. Never ever use broad search terms – never a good reason to do it, just don’t do it
2. Always set up a shared negative list of words and phrases you want excluded from your campaigns
3. Always set a schedule on your campaign. At least 3 time zones throughout the day. Even if you believe it is worth keeping it on for 24 hours
4. Make sure you run housekeeping on your campaign every month. Things change and when they do, you start wasting money – simple as that
5. Never take a call from Goolgle about improving your Adwords campaign. Let someone experienced do it for you

I have dozens more tips, but if you are a serious business person you’ll want to make the most from what you’ve got. You want more leads and want to get them for as cheap as you possibly can.

If you need a seasoned professional on your team – then call me on 0845 130 6414, or fill out the contact form. We can have a chat and see if we are right to work together. But only call if you’re serious about your business and not afraid to spend money.

A Brief History Of Adwords

When Google built their Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) platform, there were many other players in the market, but Google were the ones that nailed it. They got is exactly right for the time and almost all their competition went into oblivion.

Way back in 2004 I started working for a conservatory company and after building their website the next task was generating leads. That hasn’t changed today, leads still remain the lifeblood of what businesses need, but nowadays there is a lot more competition out there for most businesses.

At the time, Overture was the main platform for PPC sponsored advertising. They had all the tools that you needed to check keywords and write your display ads. Overture ads were displayed on Yahoo and their partners websites. Despite its shortcomings, Overture represented the golden age of PPC advertising.

Great keywords guaranteed to generate leads at a cost of less than 10 cents a click. You could buy long keyword terms or short keyword terms and you could easily generate hundreds of leads for just a few hundred dollars. It was great and while the gold rush was on, people got rich.

But then things began to change, Google started to secure a much larger chunk of the search market, and Overture started to play second fiddle to Google’s mighty PPC Adwords platform. All of a sudden, those keywords that we could buy for just 10 cents started to cost 90 cents, then the mighty dollar. Now you’d be lucky if you can get them for $7.00. Google’s Adwords platform has become massively complex and as a company they have become hugely successful.

Alan May, Conservatories and Steel Bases

When we started this company there was nothing – just an idea. We’ve been through many version of websites and a lot of different types of Internet marketing. Over the years we’ve build a multi million pound business and over 95% of all the leads we generate are thanks to Quintema Ltd and their Internet Marketing skills.

If there are 5 words or phrases to best describe Quintema it would be : Creative ; Knowledgeable ; Trustworthy ; Hardworking and Results Driven.

Alan May : Conservatories and Steel Bases

Lincoln Brown, ABL Marketing

ABL Marketing is a consultancy that provides pro-active marketing advice and a comprehensive range of services to its clients. We devise sound, cost effective marketing plans and strategies that are relevant and designed to assist companies grow.

Internet marketing is an essential component of our strategic plans and we have employed the services of Quintema Limited for several years, for a number of Google Adword and Internet Marketing campaigns. We rate Quintema highly for the results achieved i.e. significant increases in website visitors/traffic and the generation of online leads. We are delighted with the increase in business gained by our clients and the cost effectiveness of the Google Adword and Internet Marketing campaigns.

We unreservedly recommend Quintema Limited.


Albert was recommended to me as someone that could work on the Internet Marketing of my business and specifically my google Adwords account. I was spending over 10K on Google and it was getting to the point where I was losing money. As Adwords was the main source of my leads I really didn’t know what to do.

Within 3 months my Adwords budget was halved and I was getting the same if not a little more leads. From there we worked on some other areas of my online marketing and now I’m not just getting leads from Adwords, but from other sources too. I’m happy to recommend Albert but not to my competitors!!

Angelo Ruchetta, Ruchetta

I have two restaurants, one in Wokingham and the other in Peppard. I have had a deli – Angelo’s Deli and for each I’ve needed lots of things doing online for my marketing and to build my brand and my websites.

Albert started off by building my websites and them making all the changes and marketing required over the years. We meet on a regular basis and now I can honestly say that albert is a friend. I believe that if you have a business that you need to work on then you need someone like Albert to help you – someone you can completely trust to be honest and work hard for you.